• Who we are

    Who we are

Our Philosophy

Inspired by the philosophy of Hippocrates for the benefits that nature offers and inspired by the rich flora of the greek countryside, we decided to combine ingredients that come from Greece with others from all over the world.

In Carystea we believe that beauty comes from the inside but to maintain it, all you need is the power our nature and its miraculous “recipes”. Since we know that anything we use for our skin gets absorbed by our organism, we created products, mainly, by edible ingredients and by vitamins, herbs, extracts and active ingredients. Our goal is to cover the needs of each skin complexion by preventing and repairing while offering revitalization and “natural luxury”.

Our products have been designed carefully and with respect for environment. Of course, all of them are against animal cruelty and testing.

Carystea, Karystos – Greece 2015

“Beauty is a wonderful gift of nature”

Our mission

At Carystea, our mission is to create safe products for everyone.

The last few years, a lot of studies are being conducted on cosmetic products that are on the world market. Surprisingly, the results are quite alarming as many of the chemical substances recorded are likely to cause serious health problems (asthma, cancer, infertility.

Nowadays, despite the strict legislation that exists in the EU and in countries that are not part of the union, there are tens of thousands of chemicals used in the skincare industry. Many of them don’t even have the necessary safety data sheets required.

Unfortunately, these substances are considered legal despite the health risk (they are even used in children’s products).


At Carystea we believe that our skin is precious and deserves better treatment.

For this reason we have invested in a range of natural cosmetics that do not include substances (Paraben, Propylene Glycol, Paraffin oil, Silicones, Mineral oil) that can be harmful to the human body. We always test our products and have them strictly controlled before being released on the market, so they are completely safe for the consumer.

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